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Fly Guy Flies

I created this page not to sell flies...but to showcase my flies; the flies that I tie. I am far from being a "good" tyer but, I am proud of what I have taught myself. Tying flies is an art, something that you never perfect, but always strive to perfect.  Now, do I want you to buy my flies?.....HAA YES! But really it's not for the money, it's for when I hear.........Hey FLY GUY I caught this on your fly! That's really what it's all about.

Below is a listing of a few flies that I tie that work for me. Also if you like some of the patterns below but might want a different color combination not listed please email me on the contact page and will do my best to accommodate any and all requests. Also if you have a favorite pattern that you can not find anymore let me know I will do my best to try to recreate it for you.

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